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Aqua Chem Acid Auto Dosing Swimming Pool Acid


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Pool Acid – Auto Dosing Acid 15 Lt (Pick up only – Vic) – AQAD15


Pool Acid – Auto Dosing Acid 15 Lt (Pick up only – Vic)
plus drum deposit if none supplied.
  • Auto Dosing Acid which is a low fuming Hydrochloric Acid.
  • Auto Dosing Acid comes pre-mixed so saves time and eliminates the need for staff to decant and mix the acid for use in plantroom automatic dosing machines
  • Customers have been complaining about the fumes produced when decanting/mixing hydrochloric acid for use in Automatic Dosing Machines.The low fuming nature of the Auto Dosing Acid also reduces the wear and tear on plant room machinery and equipment.
  • Auto Dosing Acid is available in a 15lt Clear returnable container
  • Pick up only. JUSTPOOLS BULLEEN 3105.

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