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Aquaquip Evo2 Multi LED Retro-Fit Light Kit – Concrete

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Aquaquip Evo2 Multi LED Retro-Fit Light Kit – Concrete – ASN 104

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Evo2 Multi-coloured LED Flush Mounted Retro-fit Light Kit – Concrete
Evo2 LED Flush Mounted Retro-Fit Pool Lights all a simple conversion from Aqua-Star Halogen and Spectrum MK1 flush mounted lights. Available in Fixed Colour and Multi Colour options. Pool light mounts into the existing Aqua-Star or Spectrum MK1 housing.
The Evo2 LED Retro Fit Light is supplied with a factory sealed light and Qucik Connect Plug Kit.
The plug kit connects to the existing cable and is then connected to the rear of the light by tightening the supplied lock nut.
    Available Models:

  • ASN 104: LED Multi Coloured conversion light.
  • Evo2 Extension cable and jioning kit (Black 1mm/sq): ASN 110
  • Evo2 Extension cable and joining kit (Grey 1.5mm/sq): ASN 115

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