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AsconPool Booster Pump Time Controller 15 Minute Delay Power Separator MV3-PST


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Booster Pump Time Controller 15 Minute Delay Power Separator Ascon 31504

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Pressure Cleaner/Booster Pump Timer Controller
  • The C1036 is designed to give the user trouble free, low maintenance control of the cleaning pump. The C1036 unit is designed to be set up and left.Once set up the C1036 will turn on each day15 min after power is supplied to filter pumpand then run for the user selected time. Time remaindering for controller’s operation is indicated by the hour light flashing.
  • +AND-BUTTONS This buttons allow the user to select between 1 and 5 hours for the cleaning pump to run.
  • OVERRIDE ON. This button allows the user to run the C1036 for extra time of ether 1 or 4 hours. The override will then time out after 1 or 4 hours and turn off automatically. The override on 1 hour selection is displayed by pump light being lit up, the override on light lit up and the 1 hour light flashing. The 4 hour override is displayed by the pump ligh lit up,the override light lit up and the 4 hour light lit up (the current hour the unit is in will be flashing) To select 1 hour just press the button till the over light is lit. To select 4 hours hold the button until the override LED is lit and the 4 hour light are lit.
  • OVERRIDE OFF The override button turns the C1036 off for just 1 hour and then times out and continues normal operation again.This is selected by pressing the override button until the override button until the override off light is lit..
  • POWER CONNECTION Power is supplied through a standard 240 volt lead. A piggyback socket is provided on the lead for the filter pump to plug into. The plug should then be plugged into the filter pump time clock .
  • power for the pump cleaning pump comes from the socket on the on the bottom of the C1036 Controller (MAXIMUM PUMP RATING 1HP.

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