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Clark WA72 Pool Skimmer Box Spring Loaded Weir Door


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Clark WA72 Pool Skimmer Box Spring Loaded Weir Door – PWD472

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WA72 Clark Skimmer Box Spring Loaded Weir Door

Spring loaded weir doors are designed for situations where a standard hinged weir door is not suitable for use. This is commonly due to swimming pool installers placing tiles or fittings in a way to stop the replacement of standard hinges. Also sometimes damage to the hinge area may prevent replacement of the standard hinge.
  • The The orignal WA72 Clark weir door is hinged attached not with a spring pin this weir door is listed on our web site to seeCHECK IT OUT HERE.
  • Once placed in position and the 2 retaining pins are removed. The spring loaded weir door uses spring loaded rods that protrude from the sides of the weir door to the wall of the bottom of the skimmer box. This allows the weir door to act normally by being able to pivot from where the rods press against the wall at the bottom of the skimmer face.
      Weir Door Dimensions:

    • Width: 209mm
    • Height: 130mm
  • You may also need a Clark WA 72 Skimmer Box leaf basketORDER HERE.
  • Whats in the box:
    Clark WA 72 weir door.

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