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Davey Multi Port Valve Midas 1.5″ 40mm Spider Gasket


Davey Praher Midas 1.5″ 40mm Gasket. -MPG07A-Midas


Davey Midas 1.5″ 40m Multi Port Valve Gasket

This is a genuine part, Davey used this valve with:
  • Measurements O/D 133mm , Inside hole 18mm there is 5 spokes 5mm
  • Davey DMPV40 Valves 2017 onwards
  • Tagelus 150 and 230 filter series
  • CC180 CC 190 CC240 CC250.
    Always replace this gasket as it is the part that often wears out allowing water to discharge down back wash.
Whats in the box:
Davey, Praher, Madas Ludwig disc rotor 40mm gasket.

Additional information

Weight.1 kg