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Davey Silensor SLS and SLL Impellers


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Davey Silensor SLS and SLL Impellors and Mechanical Seal Kits

The Davey Silensor range of pumps, which includes both the SLS and SLL models, comes in two series of pumps. The models were manufactured prior to 2017 and the ones manufactured after 2017. The Davey Pumps manufactured prior to 2017 are the Model ending -0 or JUST THE MODEL NUMBER WITH OUT -0 range, and the later production models are the ones with Model ending -1. When you look at the data label on the back of the pump you will be able to see on the Model it will end in either one of these ranges. Simply match this to the option in this listing. This is shown in the image shown. This can be also shown on the face of the impeller as the new style ( model -1) has a flat face, and, the old style (model -0) has a hexagonal recess on the face.

The SLS and the SLL Impellers are both the same in both models. However the Mechanical Seal Kits for the SLL are not the same as the SLS pumps,

Mechanical Seal Kits Sold Separate see below

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.davey silensor sll and sls data plates

The Mechanical Seal in all water pumps is a wearing part. This is due to the constant friction of the shaft and the mechanical seal itself. As a result, it is recommended that when the impeller of the pump is being replaced, you also install a new mechanical seal kit as part of the procedure.

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32360-SLS100-0, 32361-SLS150-0, 32362-SLS-SLL-200-0, 32363-SLS-SLL300-0, 32364-SLL400-0, 32999-SLS100-1, 33000-SLS150-1, 33001-SLS-SLL200-1, 33002-SLS-SLL300-1, 33003-SLL400-1, 32764-SLS-Kit, 32763-SLL-Kit