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Davey Silver Series Garden Series Water Tank Pump Range

Silver Series Water Tank Pumps by Davey Australia

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Silver Series Water Tank Pumps by Davey Australia

WHY CHOOSE OUR Garden Series Watering Systems?

Your rainwater tank captures and saves water. To use it effectively around the garden Davey has developed the Garden Series range of pumps to economically satisfy these needs. While the domestic backyard may not be as harsh as the Australian outback,

Davey knows that reliability is just as important to you. Davey’s Garden Series are manufactured to the exacting standards Davey have established for all their products. Important components like bearings, capacitors, seals, controls and tanks have all been specified to Davey’s standards. The Garden Series provides a dependable, value for money investment

Water Applications:

  • Garden Watering
  • Garden Hoses
  • Dripper Systems
  • Garden Sprinklers
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