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DEL Spa Pool Ozone’s Mixing Degas Vessel


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Del Degas Vessel – Q5001

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Del Degas Vessel MDV-10

2-year warranty

DEL Ozone’s Mixing Degas Vessels eliminate ozone off-gassing in your pool or spa.

The MDV-10 is recommended for the Del Ozone EC-1, EC-2 and EC-4 systems, The MDV-20 is recommended for the ECT-2 and ECT-4 Systems, and the MDV-30 is required for the Triopure 25 and 50 Systems.

The MDV (Mixing Degas Vessel) allows higher concentrations of ozone to be used. The result? Less chemicals; no ozone bubbles; healthier and fresher water.

The benefits of the DEL MDV are:

  • The freedom to and Over size and ozone to achieve maximum chemical reduction for healthier and fresher water
  • Prevents ozone bubbles from returning to the pool, which eliminates bubble noise
  • Eliminates unused ozone from the pool (both indoor and outdoor pools/spas)
  • Eliminates the potential of ozone reacting with the pool and spa components such as covers, fittings, pillows or surfaces
  • Prevents bubbles from gathering under the pool or spa cover.
  • Fast and efficient shipping.
Please allow 7 days for delivery although in most cases your item will arrive in 2 – 4.

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