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DrydenAqua Active Filter Media AFM 21Kg Med-Fine and Course


DrydenAqua Active Filter Media AFM

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Dryden Aqua AFM Active Filter Media


Result of 35 years of Research & Development, AFM® (Activated Filter Media) is a direct replacement for sand that can be installed in all types of sand filters without modifications.

Manufactured from green and brown glass, AFM® is exposed to a unique activation process to become self-sterilizing and acquire superior mechanical & electro-static filtration performance.

Unique Benefits:

  • The Safest Water – Prevents the transmission of pathogens.
  • The Clearest Water – Offers a stable 1-micron filtration rate.
  • The Most Sustainable Filtration – outlasts all other filter media.
  • The Lowest Operating Costs – Outlasts all other filter media

Important Notes:

  1. 25Kg of Sand = 21Kg of AFM
  2. For smaller filters (<800 mm diameter) and for all filters with nozzle plate beds, irrespective of filter diameter, use 70% of AFM® Grade 1 and 30% of AFM® Grade 2. AFM® 3 may be required for larger diameter filters to ensure adequate water flow. AFM® is supplied in 21 kg and 25 kg bags or 1000 kg big bags. AFM® density = 1’250 kg/m3.
The basic calculation of what is required for Sand FIlters up to and including 28″ is:
– The same number of bags as Sand. 30% the Bags Course, and, 70% the bags Fine.

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20023255-FINE, 20023256-MEDIUM