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Flip Hose Dega Onga Blue or White Hoses

Flip Hose Dega Onga Blue or White Hoses


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Flip Hoses Genuine Onga One White Hoses. – 1012000

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Fliphose’s normal Set is Ten for a 30 X 15 ft. 9m X 4.5 M pool

Flip hose not only helps in keeping your pool clean but is one of the best ways to distribute the solar or gas heated water back to the pool bottom and as hot water rises it heats the pool far better then one or two pool surface pool water returns


  • All plastic and nylon
  • Colours Available: white parts, Clear blue hose.
Whats in the box:
– Each hose is 4.62Mt. long.
– The two hoses are complete with the end nozzle , slides and wall bayonet with o-ring.
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