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Frill-Neck Wizard Spare Parts

Frill-Neck Wizard Spare Parts

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Frill-Neck Wizard Spare Parts – Frill Neck Wizard Spare Parts


Frill-Neck Wizard Spare Parts.
Davey frill neck wizard spare parts image
Please note that some parts are No Longer Available
5910ST – Grey Cleaner Hose Length5956ST – End Cap
5950ST – Outer Extension Pipe5957ST – Back Nut
M5951 – Inner Extension PipeM5960ST – Disk
5952 – Thrust Washer5961ST – Foot Pad
5953 – Swivel Brush5961STF – Foot Pad for Fibreglass Pools
5954ST – Main Body5962ST – Bumper
5955ST – Float Unit5965ST – Deflector Wheel
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