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Halogen Surface Mounted Pool Light Spare Parts

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Halogen Surface Mounted Pool Light Spare Parts – 2260abff64ba

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Aquaquip Halogen Light Spare Parts

Choose form the listing below the options you require for you Aqua-Quip Halogen Light Spare Part.

Light Parts Diagram

1APL 006PE-6 Screw kit for mounting bracket
3APL 028PN 3663 Lens Gasket
2APL 025PN 1358 Lens Clear
2APL 022PN 1355 Lens Blue
2APL 023PN 1356 Lens Green
2APL 053PN 1359 Lens Pearl
2APL 026PN 1360 Lens Red
12APL 050PN 1361 Multi-Fit mounting bracket
11APL 075Locating bar assembly for Filtrite and SM400
APL 045Vinyl and Fibreglass mounting kit
13APL 071Retrofit screw kit for wall mounting
Parts to suit Stainless Steel Back Plate Only
8APL 009SPE-9 Globe holder kit to suit Standard 1.5mm cable
10APL 051Lead – Conversion light incl SPE-9
APL 007SPE-7 Screw kit for lens assembly
Parts to suit White Moulded Back Plate Only
8APL 073PPE-9 Globe holder kit suits standard 1.5mm cable
10APL 492Lead – Conversion light incl PPE-9
APL 493PPE-7 Screw kit for lens assembly
6APL 593PT16 Screw Kit New Style
4APL 200Moulded back plate White
7APL 4904PPE Globe holder kit suits 4mm cable
9APL 491Lead – Conversion light inc 4PPE-9
5APL 169Cable storage hook for back plate
Globes – Halogen Bi-Pin for Surface Mounted Lights
14APL 04412 volt 100 watt bi-pin
14APL 00824 volt 150 watt bi-pin
14APL 03932 volt 150 watt bi-pin

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