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Leafstop Above Ground Pool Covers by Abgal


Abgal LeafStopā„¢ Pool Cover

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Abgal LeafStopā„¢ Swimming Pool Cover

This lightweight and easy to use pool cover is made from a high tech, exclusively blended, micro mesh fabric that stops leaves from getting in, but allows rain water through.
As well as keeping leaves and debris out, a Leafstop cover will also reduce evaporation by around half, therefore reducing chemical use.

It has a generous overlap in excess of 300mm to allow for fitting over the pool coping and ladder – and is supplied with a marine grade stretch cord (bungee cord) which is threaded through grommets in the hem, and the cover simply stretches over the pool’s top rail like a big shower cap!.

The grommets are fitted at 400mm (approx 15″) spacings so you can tie down the cover and use it with a pool cover float.

Leafstop is suitable for all above ground shaped and Intex / KD style pools, and comes in a wide range of standard sizes and shapes, including keyhole, rectangular and teardrop.

For large pools, Leafstop covers can be easily ‘built’ using special modular panels. Modular panels are supplied as end and centre panels, and do require assembly.

Float for Spa or Swimming Pool Covers Ropes Not Included.

The Abgal Pool Float holds the cover out of the water to stop leaves and other debris from pooling in the centre of the cover.

Please note: Does not include ties.

Below is a recommendation of the number of floats required for a given size of pool. Once the float is in the shopping cart you are able to adjust the number there and refresh to update.
Pool Length

Number of Floats Required

Pool Width

Upto 4.5mt

Pool Width

Over 4.5mt

Upto 5.5mt1 to 22 to 4
5.5mt to 7.6mt2 to 34 to 6
7.6mt to 9.4mt3 to 46 to 8
9.4mt to 12.2mt4 to 58 to 10
12.2mt to 15.8mt6 to 712 to 14

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