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Spa Hot Tub Life Jacuzzi Maintenance Kit

Spa Hot Tub Life Jacuzzi Maintenance Kit


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Life Jacuzzi Spa Hot Tub Maintenance Kit – CSV625


Pool/Pond Maintenance KIT.

  • Great Hand held Spa Cleaner
  • When held over a selected pool/pond area it will quickly clean and removing soil sediments.
  • Quickly cleans debris held in filter bag or will drains spa’s quickly.
  • Empties virtually all water in small pool/pond if you require.
  • Ideal for small above ground pools.
  • No pump and filter system needed use garden hose .
  • Work by creates a strong suction using garden hose pressure.
  • Box contains:
  • 1 Underwater Supra-Vac underwater Spa Vacuum.
  • 2 Venturi pump attachment for emptying spa
  • 3 Filter sock to collect debris
  • 4 Filter sock retaining clip
  • 5 Snap-fit garden hose connection (not USA threaded Connection)
  • 6 2.5m drainage hose for emptying
  • 7 1.2m telescopic pole / handle
  • 8 Spa scoop
  • 9 Cleaning Mitt
  • 10 Spa Brush.
  • 11 Scum Adsorber Disc.
  • 12 Cover Wipes.

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