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Sterns Lindeman Pool Fresh Water Pool


The Lindeman pool is Australia’s strongest semi inground pool and has been designed to give you years of hassle-free enjoyment. Featuring a braceless structure, the Lindeman is constructed from the highest quality materials from BlueScope Steel and is engineered for both inground and above ground installations.

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  • Australian made
  • Deep end options available.
  • Exclusive 170mm wide top coping with matching single piece connector
  • Braceless design minimises excavation and creates a streamlined look when installed above ground
  • 1.2m birch grey walls with white framework
  • Marine grade nuts and bolts – designed for use around water
  • True 0.5mm heavy duty liner

Sterns Modular Swimming Pool Sizes


      3.76 x 1.2m deep   4.56 x 1.2m Deep  5.34 x 1.2m.Deep 6.50 x 1.2m  Deep 7.62 x 1.2m Deep


     3.1500 WIDE. 1.2m DEEP   4.15 x 3.15m     5.35 x 3.15m     6.55 x 3.15m    7.75 x 3.15m.     8.95 x 3.15m
     3.800 WIDE.  1.2m DEEP    5.00 x 3.80m    6.20 x 3.80m    7.40 x 3.80m      8.60 x 3.80m
     4.56m WIDE  1.2m DEEP.    6.96 x 4.56m      8.16 x 4.56m    9.36 x 4.56m