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LoChlor Liquid Swimming Pool Stabilizer 5lt Easy to Use

LoChlor Liquid Swimming Pool Stabilizer 5lt Easy to Use


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Lo-Chlor Liquid Swimming Pool Stabilizer 5lt Easy to Use – 60LST5L


Lo-Chlor Liquid Swimming Pool Stabilizer 5-Litre Easy To Use

    Are you sick of:

  • Toxic stabilizer powders around the pool?
  • A messy hard to use application of powder?
  • Often blocking the skimmer with a sock or stocking?
    Is it time for:

  • SIMPLE to pour and instant dissolving liquid?
  • NO time on your knees fastening socks onto skimmer lids?

This product has been specially formulated for swimming pools and very effectively guards them from the harsh rays of the sun. It puts an invisible blanket over the pool all year round protecting chlorine from ultraviolet light.

When used regularly LO-CHLOR LIQUID STABILISER will assist in reducing chlorine demand and consumption. Running costs will therefore be reduced.

Regular usage also improves filtration and ensures that stabiliser levels remain at the perfect level for 365 days of the year which in turn assists in keeping the pool water in perfect balance for that period.

LO-CHLOR LIQUID STABILISER Is fast dissolving and there is no mixing involved. The product is simply poured either directly into the pool or via the skimmer box. It is ideal for all pool finishes.


  • Protects chlorine from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Dissolves instantly
  • Dry cyanuric acid can take 7-10 days to dissolve and start working
  • Immediate protection
  • Protects chlorine from the moment it is added.
  • Easy to use
  • No messy dilutions or pre-dissolving.
  • Less harsh than acid-based stabilisers
  • It is not an acid – it is a salt.
  • It has a pool friendly pH.
  • Chlorine will last 6 to 10 times longer in pool water.
  • Reduces chlorine demand and consumption.
  • Reduces running costs.
  • Concentrated liquid
  • 5 litres increases cya level by 35ppm in 50,000 litre pool.
  • Will not harm any equipment or pool surface.
  • Works efficiently in any water temperature.
  • Improves filtration.
  • Ensure perfect stabiliser levels 365 days of the year.
  • NON-DANGEROUS GOODS for safe use arond the family swimming pool.
Whats in the box:
– 5lt Lo-Chlor Liquid Stabilizer pn: 60LST5L

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