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Microlene AquaSafe Rainwater Tank Purifier 25ltr


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Microlene AquaSafe Rainwater Tank Purifier 25 tr – AS-25

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Microlene AquaSafe Rainwater Tank Purifier 25lt


A second generation product designed specifically for rainwater tank disinfection.

Acquasafe has been subjected to more than 170 extensive tests done in well-known institutes all over the world and is proven to kill over 60 different germs, bacteria, viruses, amoeba, biofilms and other pathogens. Acquasafe works in a two stage process – by oxidising all germs immediately and then leaving a residual to ensure the water stays clean.

Microlene destroys virtually all bacteria and virus, leaving rainwater
clean enough to drink.

  • Microlene is Effective
  • Long Lasting
  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally and Family Safe
  • Improves Water Quality
  • Improves Health
  • Improves Water Taste
  • Microlene is colourless and odourless
  • Please email or phone to enquire about the
    larger 5ltr or 25ltr containers.

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