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Monarch EcoPure Reliance MK 111 Flange O-ring Post 2006 And Pre 2006

Monarch EcoPure Relience Flange O-ring Post 2006 – M8101PET

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Stroud Reliance Mk 111 And EcoPure 40mm Multi-Port Valve to Filter Flange O-Ring Post 2006.

  • The 40mm valve was fitted to 21″ 25″ and 28″ With the 28″ some had the 50mm valve, They were attached to tank with bolts were the 40mm is held by a band.
  • There was two Reliance filters and valve Pre 2006 MK11 Part Number  is M8101 (155mm diameter 6mm thick) post 2006 Part Number is M8101PET  MK111 (170mm diameter 5mm thick).
  • This O-Ring may require replacing when you service the filter and change the sand, If it starts to leak in normal running you may require a sand s change , As the filter is building up to much pressure.
  • This is a genuine Stroud Monarch Part.
  • In The Box -One rubber Post or Pre 2006

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