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Onga Spa Bath Pump Coupling Tail And Air-Bleed Assembly


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Onga Spa Bath Pump Tail And Airbleed Assy – 509790


Onga 200 Series Spa Bath Pumps discharge union kit.

Models 2371 2381 23910 23911 and 2401 or any Onga pump with this fitting will fit.
    • We have listed here an image with O-Ring, Tail, and Locking Ring. If you do or do not know the brand and model of the union that is on your equipment you must phone to order or email (And a photo would be a great help) with information to order part…
    • All older and some current pumps used threaded coupling the thread into the pump is standard BSW, however, the union thread was they join may be unique to that brand, If so you would be best advised to buy/order a complete threaded coupling.
    • To maintain this O-Ring use Hydro Slip (Do not use Vaseline as it is petroleum-based product and will make o-rings/ rubber enlarge/stretch)

Whats in the box: 

    One union set O-ring, Locking band, Tail with Airbleed