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OzoMatic MOG 15 Spa Ozone Generator

OzoMatic MOG 15 Spa Ozone Generator

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OzoMatic MOG 15 Spa Ozone Generator – M0431


OzoMatic MOG 15 Spa Ozone Generator
  • Complete with check valve and 3.5m 6mm clear tube.
  • Uses Standard 3 pin plug
  • Suits a 2000 ltr. Spa
  • Out-put: 0.08 grams per hour

Powerful Oxidiser Ozone effectively Sanitises Spa and Pool water and removes bacteria, body oils, urine, deodorants and soaps.
Ozone is natural and does not contain harsh chemicals. Starts as oxygen and ends as oxygen.
Ozone has a pleasant fresh scent. Non irritating on the eyes, skin and does not discolour hair. Suits above and below-ground pools and all spa pools.
OzoMatic Ozone Generators substantially reduce chemical usage and costs only a few cents per day to operate

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