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OzoMatic MOG 240 Ozone Generator

OzoMatic MOG 240 Ozone Generator

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OzoMatic MOG 240 Ozone Generator – M04010


OzoMatic MOG 240 Ozone Generator

The Ozomatic Ozonator is an ideal addition to conventional pool and spa treatment methods. OzoMatic uses advanced but simple technology to replicate mother nature’s way of purifying lakes and rivers and the air we breath. The OzoMatic ozone generator works by using oxygen in the air and exposing it to a UV lamp, converting the air into very safe levels of ozone. Ozone is one of the most potent sanitisers known to man, and when it is introduced to your pool or spa water, it will remove contaminants and chemical by-products, which cause poor water quality and unpleasant odours.
  • OzoMatic has virtually no maintenance
  • has low running costs
  • Ozone sanitises pools and spas effectively

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