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Poolrite Skimmer Box Fibreglass Without Maindrain Port


Poolrite White Skimmer Box Fibreglass Without Maindrain Port


Poolrite S-2500 Fibreglass Pool Skimmer Box

There are a few options available with the Poolrite Skimmer Box. Square Dress Rings, Round Dress Rings, Select your choice from the options The Vacuum plate that is a part of this skimmer box has a speed controller and the deck lid is also lockable.

Poolrite Skimmer Box Dimensions 252mm for Standard Throat

poolrite skimmer box standard and extended throat

What’s in the Box:
One complete Skimmer Box
Lockable Deck Lid
Dress Ring.
Vacuum Plate with Speed Controller.
Without Main Drain Port.
Plumbing ports are 50mm adaptable to 40mm.

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Weight10 kg