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Sapphire Salt Cell 30 Amp Self Cleaning


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Sapphire Salt Cell 30 Amp Self Cleaning Generic – cc30rp


Sapphire Self Cleaning 30AMP Replacement Salt Cell
  • By Replacing your worn out Sapphire salt cells will help ensure that your chlorination more efficiently. Also by replacing the salt cell early you could (if some life left in it) put a side for winter when chlorine requirements are at a minimum.
    • This cell replacement has a new lead locking ring and O-Ring in kit.
    • This cell is a generic
    • This salt cell is self cleaning.
    • Seven solid plates¬†( some brands of generic cell may have more or less plates but have the same surface size)
    • Plate length: 200mm
    • Ampage: 30 amps
    • Generic cells carry a 2 years full Warranty

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