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Solar Collector Rubber HD EPDM 10 Tube Matting One Roll


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Solar Collector Rubber HD EPDM 10 Tube Matting One Roll – AMR-HD-EPDM

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Heavy Duty EPDM Synthetic rubber not PVC Solar Collector Ten Tube.

Each roll contains four square metres or 25 lineal metres. To work out how many rolls you will need just measure the length and width of your pool, if your pool is for example 5 metres long and 4 metres wide then you will have a pool surface area of 5×4 which equals 20 square metres. Then you will need 5 rolls at 4 square metres to give you the 20 square metres you need.
  • Hydromatt H.D. is a black heavy duty 10 tube solar collector manufactured from the highest quality EPHL synthetic rubber, it has a demonstrated life of over 20 years
  • Efficiently heats your swimming pool or spa pool
  • Built to last in the harsh Australian climate
  • Comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • Resistant to UV, chlorine and micro-orgainc attacks
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