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Waterco Hydrostorm 150 Pool Pumps

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Waterco Hydrostorm 150 Pool Pumps – 244150

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Hydrostorm 150 pool Pump

50mm Ports / Unions
3 Years Warranty

The Hydrostorm is designed to have all the extra power you need to cope with modern day swimming pool designs.

Efficient Impeller and Diffuser Design The pump€™s impeller and diffuser design maximizes the hydraulic output of the pump while minimizing turbulence. The pump€™s efficient hydraulic performance shortens run times and reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs.

Engineered Durability
The pump body is manufactured utilizing state of the art engineering plastic molding with a single piece strainer pot and volute for extra strength. A high grade 316 stainless steel mechanical seal is incorporated for extra protection against corrosion. e.g. from chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, Baquacil, bromine and salt water.

Waterco pumps are covered by a 3 year warranty
on the pump wet end, 2 year warranty on the pump
motor and 1 year warranty on the mechanical seal.
Commercial installations are covered by a 1 year
warranty for all components.

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