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Waterco TurboFlo High Performance Pumps

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Waterco TurboFlo High Performance Pumps – Waterco-Turboflo

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Waterco TurboFlo Pumps for High Volume Water Transfer Applications

The Waterco Turboflo is a highly efficient water pump, designed for pools and spas with high volume water transfer requirements. TurboFlo has an adjustable wet end which can be configured to suit as many as 5 different plumbing configurations.
Part NumberPump DescriptionNominal RatingAmps RatingTotal LengthPort / UnionPhases
2462100Waterco TurboFlo 1001.00 HP4.1445mm50mm / 50mm1
2462125Waterco TurboFlo 1251.25 HP5.9445mm50mm / 50mm1
2462150Waterco TurboFlo 1501.50 HP5.9445mm50mm / 50mm1
2462200Waterco TurboFlo 2002.00 HP6.4445mm50mm / 50mm1
2462250Waterco TurboFlo 2502.50 HP7.2445mm50mm / 50mm1
2462300Waterco TurboFlo 3003.00 HP9.1483mm50mm / 50mm1
2462400Waterco TurboFlo 4004.00 HP5.7508mm50mm / 50mm3
Waterco TurboFlo Warranty:
– Pumps – 3-years conditional
– Wet End – 3-years
– Motor, Mech Seal, O Ring, Basket & Impellor – 2-years
– Commercial applications – 1-year
– Labour – 1-year
Adjustable Wet End

The outlet port of the Waterco TurboFlo can be configured to suit different plumbing conditions.

Epools Waterco TurboFlo Pump


Waterco TurboFlo dimensions excluding the 300 and 400 models.

Epools Waterco TurboFlo Pump

Waterco TurboFlo Flow Rates.

Waterco TurboFlo flow rates for all models.

Epools Waterco TurboFlo Pump