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Waterco Waterchlor WC40 A Standard Electrode Chlorinator Salt Cell


Waterco Waterchlor WC40 A Electrode Chlorinator Salt Cell – WC040


Waterco 40 amp WC40 C Salt Cell

Replacing your Waterco 40A worn out salt cells will help ensure that your chlorinator runs more efficiently. We sell replacement salt cells for all brands of salt chlorinator.

              Description:  Salt cell with leads below

  • This cell has  a resin filled heads and attached leads, This cell Option is built this way as the original salt cells leads overheated and melted the plastic end , The resin filled ends also make the leads water proof
  • This is not a self cleaning salt cell
  • Cell comes with Leads.
  • Cell comes with O-Ring.
  • Number of plates: Seven.
  • Amperage: 20amps
  • Plate Length: 240mm.
  • Plate Type: Solid.

                                          DescriptionSalt cell no leads below


  • This is not a self cleaning salt cell
  • Three terminals ,
  • Cell comes with O-Ring.
  • Six solid plates.
  • 240mm long.
  • 30 grams per hour.

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Weight20206 kg