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Zodiac Baracuda G2 Pool Cleaner Spare Parts with Price


Zodiac Baracuda G2 Pool Cleaner Spare Parts with Price .

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Zodiac Barracuda G2 Pool Cleaner Spare Parts

Match Part Number to item required. Please add name/description of part/s required in the information section to avoid incorrect ordering
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A flat rate shipping of $9.90 is charged per delivery regardless of amount.  There may be an additional fee charged for large parcels to certain remote areas. We will contact you to advise if that is the is the case.

Outer Extension Tube Part No: 3: Zodiac has changed the hose style recently to a Bayonet Fitting. As a result, the new outer extension tube includes lugs to fit the new style hoses. A Compression Ring is no longer required. If you still have old-style hoses, then you simply need to remove the lugs and this will fit the Slip-Fit Hoses no Compression Ring is required. Designed to fit on the larger female fitting of the hose.

The images below for the Zodiac G2 Cleaner Parts.

Zodiac G2 Cleaner Parts List

Parts List:

  • 1- W69785 Medium Wheel Deflector
    1A.W09720 Large Wheel Deflector
  • 2- W69882 Wheel Adapter
  • 3- W70511 Outer Extension Pipe Yellow Hand Nut.Removal of 2 lugs required for old-style hoses.
  • 4- W74000 Compression Ring
  • 5- W69768 Cassette Chamber – Bottom
  • 6- W70382 Frame Assembly
  • 7- W69721 Flexi Foot
    7B- Flexi Foot Generic – Concrete
    7Y – Flexi Foot Generic – Fibreglass
  • 8- W70179 36 Fin Disk
    8- 36 Fin Disk – Generic
  • 9- W56525 Inner Extension Pipe
  • 10- W81600 Diaphragm Retaining Ring
  • 11- W81710 Cassette Diaphragm Long Life
    11- Cassette – Generic
  • 12- W69783 Cassette Assembly Complete
  • 13- W70281 AD Flow Valve
  • 14- W33900 Hose Protector Mesh
  • 15- W70263 Universal Weir Cuff
  • 16- W30217 Leader Hose Adapter
  • 17- W26035 Single Length Hose
  • 18- W70105 Hose Weight
  • 19- W69731 Locking Collar Screw-In
  • 20- W70335 Pool Pulse
  • W69782 Float Cover
  • W69530 Float Chamber
  • W69201 Weight Cover
  • W58829 Weight

Additional information

Zodiac G2 Parts

1- Medium Wheel Deflector, 1a- Large Wheel Deflector, 2- Wheel Adapter, 3- Outer Extension Pipe, 4- Compression Ring, 5- Cassette Chamber, 6- Frame Assembly, 7- Flexi Foot, 7b – Generic Blue Sole, 7y- Generic Yellow Sole, 8- Genuine Skirt, 8g- 36 Fin Skirt Generic, 9- Inner Extension Pipe, 10- Diaphragm Retaining Ring, 11- Long Life Genuine Cassette Diaphragm, 11g- Generic Cassette, 12- Cassette Assembly Complete, 13- AD Flow Valve, 14- Hose Protector Mesh, 15- Universal Weir Cuff, 16- Leader Hose Adapter, 17- Single Hose Length, 17*5- Five Hose Lengths, 18- Hose Weight, 19- Locking Collar Screw In, 20- Pool Pulse, W69782- Float Cover, W69530- Float Chamber, W69201- Weight Cover, W58829- Weight, g4 Disk