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Zodiac MX6 MX8 AX10 ACTIV Pool Cleaner Price And Parts List


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Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Price And Parts List.

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Zodiac MX6 MX8 & ATV ACTIV Parts Listing. ( The three cleaners  use 95% same parts)

Select from the parts list below the required MX8 part you require.
zodiac mx8 spare parts diagram
Diagramn NoDescriptionPart Number
1MX8 Hose FloatA0173800
2Flow Regulator ValveFRV100
3MX8 Body Top Cover with Swivel Assembly11167000
4Screw, Phillips Pan Head Oty 1F0106100
5MX8 Middle Engine Housing30021500
6MX8 Body Cover LatchA0168400
7MX8 Body Panel- RightA0169200
8MX8 0rive Shaft Assembly Qty=130022700
9Bearing (Pack of 8)W7230223PK
10MX8 Engine11162900C
11MX8 Lower Engine Housing Side AA0165500
11MX8 Lower Engine Housing Side BA01655600
12Screw, thread formingF0106600
13MX8 Body Panel- RearA0203100
14MX8 Reversing Assembly – Side B30067700
15Screw M4 12mmPan HeadF0106100
16MX8 Track 2 PackA0166100PK
17MX8 Wheel Pin Qty 1A0203000
18MX8 Wheel Qty 1A0166000
19MX8 Reversing Assembly Side A30067600
20MX8 Body Panel LeftA0169300
21MX8 Chassis with Inserts (This Chassis will suit all models up to 2020)30021401
22MX8 Body TrayA0165300
23MX8 Body Panel FrontA0165000
24MX8 Scrubber Assembly11163100
25MX8 Inlet Large Opening30019100
26Global HoseA0164500

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Weight1 kg
Zodiac MX8 Parts

0- Zodiac MX8 Tune Up Kit, 1- Zodiac MX8 Hose cover, 2- Zodiac MX8 Flow Regulator, 4- Zodiac MX8 Screw, Phillips Pan Head each, 3- Zodiac MX8 Top Cover and Swivel Assembly, 6- Zodiac MX8 Body Cover Latch, 5- Zodiac MX8 Middle Engine Housing, 7- Zodiac MX8 Body Panel – Right, 8- Zodiac MX8 Shaft Assembly each, 9- Zodiac MX8 Bearings 8 pack, 10- Zodiac MX8 Engine, 11a- Zodiac MX8 Lower Engine Housing Side A, 11b- Zodiac MX8 Lower Engine Housing Side B, 12- Zodiac MX8 Screw, Thread Forming, 13- Zodiac MX8 Body Panel – Rear, 14- Zodiac MX8 Reversing Assembly Side B, 15- Zodiac MX8 Screw M4/12mm Pan Head, 16- Zodiac MX8 Track 2 Pack, 17- Zodiac MX8 Wheel Pin each, 18- Zodiac MX8 Wheel each, 19- Zodiac MX8 Reversing Assembly Side A, 20- Zodiac MX8 Body Panel Left, 21- Zodiac MX8 Chassis with Inserts, 22- Zodiac MX8 Body Tray, 23- Zodiac MX8 Body Panel Front, 24- Zodiac MX8 Scrubber Assembly new Style, 25- Zodiac MX8 Inlet Large Opening, 26- Zodiac MX8 Global Hose