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Zodiac pH Perfect Liquid Acid Feeder

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Zodiac pH Perfect Liquid Acid Feeder – W369000

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pH Perfect Liquid Chlorine Feeder.

  • Controlled feed  Both feature accurate sensors that provide real-time feedback ensuring perfect sanitation or balance of your pool whenever the filtration circuit is operating.
  • Safety First. Both features overfeed protection which prevents too many chemicals from being added to the water.
  • Faster and more accurate. Both feature Zodiac’s unique ‘proportional feed system’. This is the fastest and most efficient way to reach the required setpoint without wasting excessive solution
  • Easy Installation  Installation and set-up is easy and quick with the Zodiac POD, a system for housing the sensors and feed point.
  • Combo it up  Both products are compatible with each other, so you can install together and run in parallel for a fully automated liquid feed system.

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