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Stabilised Swimming Pool Chlorine 10kg


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Zodiac Stabilised Swimming Pool Chlorine 10kg – WPQSC10


Stabilised Swimming Pool Chlorine 10kg

Hazchem Oxidising Agent 5.1.

Stabiliser (or ‘block-out’, as it is commonly known) reduces the rate of chlorine loss to the atmosphere. But the most economical way to buy it is pre-mixed with dry powder chlorine. Stabilised Chlorine is easy to handle because it can be added directly to your pool and doesn’t require pore-mixing.

Note: At high levels stabiliser reduces the effectiveness of chlorine and other pool chemicals. So prolonged use, particularly with cartridge filters, is not recommended).

  • Features: 630g/kg minimum available chlorine
  • Contains isocyanuric acid (stabiliser) no residue fast dissolving
  • Contains no calcium consistent superior quality ideal for daily chlorination or as a booster for all pools saves on stabiliser usage
  • Fully soluble minimal effect on pH of pool water
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