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Zodiac TX35 Tornax Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner,

"Available In-Store Only"

Zodiac TX35 Tornax Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Caddy – WR1000103

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Zodiac TX35 Tornax Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Caddy¬†” Available in Store only”

New for 2017. The Zodaic TX35 Tornax Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner will help take the effort out of keeping your swimming pool clean and tidy. Why a Robotic Cleaner? Easy… The ability for these swimming pool cleaners to be able to keep the surfaces of your pool clean independantly of you filter system and the associated power cost of running the whole system to simply clean the walls and floor of your swimming pool. Puts the Zodiac TX35 Tornax in a great position to help you. During the nessasary full filter cycles of your pool the Zodiac TX35 Tornax will place the ultra fine particles that settle in your pool into the water for the filter to catch.

Effortless and light weight handling of the TX35 coupled with its agile operation delivers an extreme clean of both floor and walls. Store the TX35 in the easy to assemble transport and storage caddy. Also with it running independantly of the skimmer. Your pool filter is able to run at full efficiency unincumbered.

    Suitable for Swimming Pool Types:
  • Will accomodate most pool shapes up to a size of 10mt x 5mt.
  • Most pool surfaces such as Fibreglass, Concrete, Pebblecrete, Vinyl and Quartzon.
  • For use in tile surface pools, PVA brush required. Available separately.
    Ability to catch debris types such as:

  • Suitable for small, medium and large debris.
  • Extra large debris such as twigs, large nuts and large leaves may need to be removed from pool manually.
  • For extra fine debris, 100 mircon filter canister available separately.

  • Convenience
    -Easy top access filter canister with large handle.
    -Easy-to-clean filter canister means no contact with debris.
    – Transparent window to view debris collected.
  • Effortless Handling
    -Easy to remove cleaner from the water with large handle.
    -The TX35 is light weight with the body only weighing 5.5kg.
  • Transport and Storage Caddy
    -Easily transport and store the TX35.
    -Storage caddy is easy to assemble with no tools required.
  • Floor and Wall Cleaning
    -The TX35 covers both floor and walls hassle free during its 2.5 hour cleaning cycle.
    -Front scrubbing brushes quickly brush and remove debris from floor and stuck on walls for deep clean.

  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • 1-Year on debris canister.
Whats in the box:
– Zodiac Tornax TX35 Robotic Cleaner. pn: WR1000103
– Zodiac Tornax TX35 Control Box.
– Zodiac Tornax TX35 Caddy.
– Setup instructions.
– Warranty information.